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I love Tracy's yoga classes. They are a high point of my week! She is extremely attentive to individual needs and focuses each class and pose on students' needs. I can arrive frazzled, my mind racing, body tense and achy and leave the class an hour and a half later calm, balanced, body feeling good and ready to walk out into the world with a much clearer focus. Thank you Tracy for your intuition and compassion.
- Ellen B.

Tracy is a gifted teacher who is able to individualize her teachings to meet her students' differing needs and abilities. I began working with her while recovering from several months of behavioral health issues brought on by a severe reaction to an artificial sweetener. I also have some physical limitations due to surgeries. Her gentle yoga brought me both greater peace of mind as well as more flexibility in my body, especially in an injured knee.
- Sarah I.

I had been to a yoga class a couple of times in past years before trying Tracy's gentle yoga class a few months ago but none of them made me want to return for another class until Tracy's. I really love this class--I have an overall sense of well being, am wonderfully relaxed and feel rejuvenated after each one. I am becoming a more tranquil, inner peaceful person and I credit Tracy's class for contributing to these ongoing improvements. Tracy works individually with her students to find alternative ways to get the desired benefits if required because of injuries, medical conditions, pain or disabilities. She is patient, competent, kind and empathetic. I highly recommend her class--you will definitely be pleased with the results!
- Gayle P.

Tracy's gentle yoga class provides not only physical healing but also the opportunity for the mind to slow down and for both to become rejuvenated. Tracy creates each class based on the state of the individuals who are there that day and adapts the postures according to our needs. She begins and ends each session with an inspirational thought, poem or melody. I look forward to the class every week.
- Ruth S.

Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra with Tracy has been a wonderful gift to myself. The guided meditations are relaxing and soothing, and I've seen changes in my life I can attribute to Yoga Nidra. Tracy is passionate and loves researching new topics so she brings something new to each session. It has been a safe space not just for relaxation and meditation, but also for sharing what's going on in my life and get support from Tracy and my classmates. You should try it for yourself!
- Karen L.

In her stress reduction class Tracy is very attentive to each student, the atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming. It is a moving meditation and during and after class I feel so calm and peaceful. Tracy's Yoga Nidra class is a beautiful opportunity to connect with spirit.
- Elizabeth E.

Tracy's Yoga Nidra class is so special. I come away feeling relaxed and grounded - and sometimes experience powerful shifts in aspects of my life where I have been feeling "stuck". Tracy is an excellent and kind teacher! I highly recommend her.
- Sandra S.

As a newcomer to meditation, I find Tracy's YN class to be enlightening and inspiring. Tracy's soothing voice brings me into a colorful trance where I can finally find complete relaxation. My mind stops spinning and I am at peace.
- Melissa J.